Verstappen ‘very happy’ after positive day at Red Bull shakedown

Red Bull Racing carried out a shakedown of their new RB15 on the national circuit at Silverstone on Wednesday, with Max Verstappen at the wheel.

As part of their launch day of their new Honda-powered RB15, Red Bull Racing opted to carry out a filming promotional day at a truncated Silverstone circuit. This allows them 100 kilometres of track time which is convenient for teams to carry out systems check and make sure the car is running correctly out of the box, rather than risk losing time at the start of testing.

With Verstappen driving, the team performed their filming day and checks before a beaming Max Verstappen gave his verdict on how he feels the car behaved:

“The day is done, and the first few kilometres with the car. After my first run, I was smiling and I’m very happy with how the car was behaving plus the engine was positive as well. It’s a really nice group of people to work with so now I just can’t wait to get started in Barcelona and start working towards Melbourne. It’s been a really positive day so I’m very happy about it.”

“The car looks cool. The livery is very beautiful, even though it’s only for today,” Max continued.

“I was really excited to jump in the car and as soon as we got going it felt pretty normal. It felt good and we had no problems, so I’m very happy with that. Of course today is a filming day, so there’s a limited amount you can get out of it, but it’s really important to have a day like this, before you go to the official tests. You get a first impression and you see if there are any little issues with the car or engine. Luckily we didn’t have any and it’s very positive that we had this opportunity. Now we can go testing properly, we’ll see what we can get out of that and we’ll be able to understand the car and the engine a bit better. But so far, so good.”

The team are going into their first year with Honda power, after over ten years with Renault. However, Honda have yet to hit the sweet spot in terms of competitiveness meaning there are still a lot of questions to be answered over the course of winter testing which kicks off in Spain next week.

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