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Vettel says Ferrari have a ‘lot of potential to unleash’

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel says that he thinks his team have much more performance to offer in the second half of the season.

Vettel currently trails Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in the Driver’s Championship by 24 points, having enjoyed a much stronger start to the year than the Mercedes driver. However, misfortunes such as being run into by Max Verstappen in China and a missed braking point in Baku meant that Vettel’s lead was eroded away before a catastrophic error while leading in Germany handed Lewis the initiative.

“We had sometimes the pendulum swinging our way, sometimes not,” Vettel said in an interview with “From my point of view I think it’s been fairly consistent. The one error that was very costly [in Germany] – that was quite small, because I wasn’t even trying but went off.

“That’s part of the game. I can’t rewind the clock. It has happened. It obviously hurt us, but I’m quite confident that if we have the car to fight with, we can put them under pressure and make things happen in the second half.”

Last year, Ferrari’s title challenge flopped badly after the summer break due to mechanical problems and a calamitous first lap in Singapore that saw the two Scuderia drivers collide off the starting line. Heading to Spa-Francorchamps next week, Vettel is confident that Ferrari are in a much stronger position this season:

“Last year, we lost the championship I think because our car wasn’t quick enough to be a match in the final part of the season, despite what happened with the DNFs” he said.

“So I hope that this year, and I think this year has shown so far that our car is more efficient, our car is stronger and still has a lot of potential to unleash. I’m quite confident with what’s sitting in the pipeline that we can improve. So we’ll see. It should be an exciting second part of the year.”

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