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VIDEO: Daniel Ricciardo drives a Supercar

Australian Grand Prix – Ahead of this weekend’s race in Melbourne, Daniel Ricciardo got to try out a Supercar at Calder Park.

Ricciardo took part in the Castrol sponsorship event on Wednesday, that took him to Calder Park and behind the wheel of Rick Kelly’s Castrol Nissan Supercar.

“I didn’t have ear plugs, I probably should have worn ear plugs,” he smiled afterwards while speaking to¬†

“But yeah, the upshift and pulling a [gear]stick feels good. A paddle-[shift] is easy, it’s made my life easy as a racecar driver because I can’t heel-and-toe. But all that sort of stuff. The vibrations, it all just feels raw.”

“I’ll get in the F1 car on Friday and be like ‘this feels weird’,” he said after driving the Supercar around. “It’ll be like I’m laying down in it. But you adapt quickly. I’ll do an install lap and I’ll be like ‘right this feels normal’.

“But it was cool just to loosen the cobwebs. There is so much media this week, so to do something active to keep me firing was really cool.’

Video from Castrol

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