Video: Red Bull & DC do donuts on a skyscraper

Pictures & video from the daring stunt

United States Grand Prix – Ahead of F1’s annual visit to the Circuit of the Americas, Red Bull Racing & David Coulthard swung by Miami to perform some donuts on top of a skyscraper. Why? …Because why not?

Formula 1 touches down in the United States this week but, before heading across to Austin in Texas, Red Bull went to Miami with the intent of performing donuts on a residential skyscraper called the 1000 Museum building.

David Coulthard was at hand to perform the stunt, having done a similar event in Dubai three years ago. Organised in conjuction with team sponsor Citrix, cranes and helicopters were used to get the car to the top of the skyscraper before David smoked up the rear tyres on the helipad of the building. There wasn’t a huge amount of room to work with, making the stunt tricky to organise and execute safely.

“Citrix and RBR have made it possible to come to the 1000 Museum building and do what I think is an iconic stunt,” Coulthard said afterwards. “I think, to coin an American phrase, that was awesome!”

“RBR are a world championship-winning Formula 1 team and we’ve done show car runs all over the world, the most recent one was in Vietnam and we’ve done something similar to this in Dubai. I have absolute trust in the Team and that is the key to being able to do stunts like this.”

Pics and full video below.

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