Wolff: 2018 was Mercedes’ most challenging year

Mercedes’ team boss Toto Wolff says the 2018 title campaign was the toughest one the team have been through since the start of the hybrid era.

Since 2014 and the introduction of the current 1.6 litre hybrid formula, Mercedes have won every title. While they initially went unchallenged for the titles with the drivers fighting for individual glory, external pressure has slowly increased on them as Ferrari & Red Bull have found their feet. In 2018, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel looked favourite for the title at the halfway point of the year before a second half onslaught from Mercedes put that particular idea to bed.

Speaking at the FIA Prize Giving Ceremony in St. Petersburg over the weekend, Wolff said that their fifth consecutive double title win has been the most satisfying so far:

“This has been our most challenging season so far and put all of us to the test,” Toto said. “We all had to raise our game, each and every member of our team. The fact that we ended up winning both titles is a testament to the incredibly hard work of the entire team. I am very proud of this accomplishment and I feel honoured to receive this trophy on behalf of everyone in Brixworth, Brackley and Stuttgart who helped to win these Championships.” 

With Mercedes Motorsport in general winning numerous awards in F1, F2, F3, DTM & eSports, it was a triumphant evening for the German marque.Wolff couldn’t help but smile as he reflected on the strength of Merc’s year: “One of the great things about the FIA Prize Giving Gala is that the event brings together so many different motorsport Champions. Huge congratulations to everyone who fought hard to receive a championship trophy tonight – well done!” 

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