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Zandvoort to undergo modernisation for Formula 1 return

The Dutch Grand Prix circuit at Zandvoort will undergo serious infrastructural work before Formula 1 races there next season.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the former Formula 1 venue at Zandvoort in the Netherlands will return to the calendar in 2020, believed to be in the slot where the Spanish Grand Prix was placed.

While awaiting confirmation of the date, the race is likely to be put as the European season opener and is confirmed as being before the Monaco Grand Prix, meaning a date in early to mid May. This means that there is just under a year to go until Formula 1 touches down in the Dutch seaside resort, but there is plenty of work to be done ahead of arrival.

All areas of the circuit’s infrastructure require modernisation, including safety standards. The circuit is graded as FIA Grade 2, which means work must be done to increase this to the required Grade 1 status.

Speaking after the announcement, Formula 1’s Ross Brawn said: “I have fond memories of attending F1 races at Zandvoort during the ’70s and ’80s when we discovered the ground effect phenomena and applied it to the cars, achieving ever increasing levels of downforce. Seeing those cars tackling a corner such as Tarzan was truly spectacular.The track and infrastructure are being modernised to meet FIA safety standards and the paddock is being rebuilt, but I believe that Formula 1’s teams and fans will really appreciate the historic atmosphere when we go there next year.”

The FIA’s Jean Todt confirmed the work is being done with the full co-operation of the associated parties of the Grand Prix: “There is now a lot of preparation needed to bring the circuit up to the required safety
standards to host a Formula 1 race, and we will work towards this together with Formula 1, KNAF – the
Dutch ASN – and the circuit organisation.”

The Dutch Grand Prix’s Sporting Director is former Dutch F1 racer Jan Lammers, who is from Zandvoort. He said: “To meet the wishes of Formula 1 and the required standards of the FIA the circuit and infrastructure will be modernized within a few areas, with the work completed well ahead of the race in 2020. In addition, the municipality of Zandvoort has recently invested heavily to improve access to the municipality and the circuit.”

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