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Text Updates: Barcelona Test Day One

Barcelona Testing – Follow our text updates throughout the first day of the first pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

18.00: Here are the results of the day’s running

  1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes – 1:21.765
  2. Sebastian Vettel Ferrari +0.113
  3. Felipe Massa Williams +0.311
  4. Kevin Magnussen Haas +1.129
  5. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing +1.161
  6. Valtteri Bottas Mercedes +1.404
  7. Sergio Perez Force India +1.944
  8. Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso +2.729
  9. Nico Hulkenberg Renault +3.019
  10. Fernando Alonso McLaren +3.087
  11. Marcus Ericsson Sauber +5.076

18.00: That’s the first day of pre-season testing done. Hamilton ends up fastest with Sebastian Vettel in second clocking the most laps of the day.

17.52: Massa becomes the second single driver to complete over 100 laps. You can tell these guys have been training hard.

17.40: Force India say Perez has been kept in the garage with an exhaust problem. Obviously hopeful of getting him out as they have only just revealed this.

17.28: Magnussen jumps up to fourth place, he’s on the soft tyre.

17.25: Vettel the first driver to do a century of laps, and it’s only day one!

17.14: With 45 minutes to go on the first day, here is the running order:

  1. Hamilton – 1:21.765
  2. Vettel – 1:21.878
  3. Massa – 1:22.076
  4. Bottas – 1:23.169
  5. Ricciardo – 1:23.371
  6. Perez – 1:23.709
  7. Sainz – 1:24.494
  8. Magnussen – 1:24.946
  9. Alonso – 1:25.586
  10. Hulkenberg – 1:25.773
  11. Ericsson – 1:26.841

16.43: Vettel hops up to second, still running the medium tyre but just a tenth away from Hamilton’s top time.

16.36: Alonso finally puts in his first lap time of the day, 1:26.110 for the Spaniard.

16.24: Both Ricciardo and Alonso have been back out on circuit, but Ricciardo is the only one to set ‘proper’ lap times. Alonso returns to the pits once again.

16.19: Alonso appears on track, but is quickly back in the pits. Hopefully he’ll be back out soon.

16.04: Hamilton up to P1 with a 1:21.765! Massa and Vettel improve too, but they set 1:22.076 & 1:22.370 respectively.

15.57: Vettel returns to the top spot! A personal best final sector helps the Ferrari man reclaim P1 with a 1:22.475.

15.45: Massa lowers the benchmark further, 1:22.536 as he approaches his 60th lap of the day.

15.43: McLaren set to alter their test schedule and line-up to make up for Alonso’s lost running today. Hamilton meanwhile is within two tenths of his team mate’s time from this morning. He currently sits in fourth place.

15.22: Massa now takes the top spot, 1:22.727 which is quickest than the best time from all of testing last year, and that was set on the ultrasoft tyre!

15.10: Use of the soft tyre has put Massa up into second place, two tenths behind Vettel’s fastest time. Still no sign of Fernando Alonso yet.


14.40: Mercedes using a ‘shark fin’ for this afternoon, albeit quite a small one. Hamilton improves to a 1:24.756. Magnussen up to eighth with a 1:25.837. Massa up to third and 0.660 off the pace of Vettel.

14.35: Lewis Hamilton is on-track and setting a lap time…but it’s a steady opener of 1:31.687.

14.15: Ricciardo does a few laps and lowers his time to 1:27.881, still 9th at the moment. Hulkenberg the only car on track at the moment.

14.09: Ricciardo the first man on track in the afternoon. Looks like they’ve fixed the sensor the issue he had this morning. Only four laps for the Australian so far, so important to get cracking on.


14.04: Nobody in a great hurry to go anywhere. Track temperature is up to 29°C and the wind has picked up ever so slightly.

14.00: Green Flag! The afternoon session begins!

13.15: You can read our session report here: and we will be back at 2pm CET for the afternoon session.

13.00: Morning session results can be found here.

13.00: Vettel ends the morning session fastest on a 1:22.791. Bottas second, Perez third.

12.49: Magnussen has hit the wall somewhere. He was going slowly with his front wing lodged underneath the car. He’s back in the pits now.

12.34: Bottas approaching race distance as he clocks his 60th lap of the session. There’s no stopping that Mercedes.

12.11: Vettel takes the top spot on a 1:22.791, mere hundredths away from the fastest time of the day this time last year.

12.04: Perez heads on track and does a personal best, 1:24.005 to out himself ahead of Felipe Massa in third.

11.56: Bottas has just clocked his 50th lap of the session. He’s currently on a 16-lap run on the soft tyres.

11.49: Track temperature has climbed to 26°C. Bottas the only car on track at the moment.

11.47: Bottas improves his time to a 1:23.169, now four tenths clear of Vettel in second.

11.31: Lap count so far:

  1. Bottas – 39
  2. Vettel – 28
  3. Hulkenberg – 22
  4. Ericsson – 20
  5. Perez – 18
  6. Massa – 17
  7. Sainz – 14
  8. Magnussen – 7
  9. Ricciardo – 4
  10. Alonso – 1

11.29: Small lull in action. But Sainz has put in his first time of the day. Only Magnussen, Alonso and Hamilton (who runs this afternoon) haven’t done lap times yet.

11.05 Magnussen has stopped at the end of the pit lane. Green flags remain for now.

11.00Timesheet at the two-hour mark:

  1. Valtteri Bottas – 1:23.370
  2. Sebastian Vettel – 1:23.560
  3. Felipe Massa – 1:25.987
  4. Sergio Perez – 1:26.171
  5. Nico Hulkenberg – 1:26.500
  6. Daniel Ricciardo – 1:28.712
  7. Marcus Ericsson – 1:28.874

10.58: Marcus Ericsson puts his first time on the board for Sauber. 1:28.900.

10.50 Bottas has retaken the top spot on the timesheets, 1:23.370, two tenths up on Vettel, using the soft tyre.

10.49 McLaren expected to take 4-5 hours ti dismantle their engine to fix the oil problem. Meanwhile Perez, Massa and Hulkenberg add times to the board.

10.21: Red Bull say a sensor issue caused Ricciardo to stop on track. Meanwhile McLaren have confirmed they have an oil system issue that will take several hours to fix. Not a great start to testing for them.

10.05: We are green once again.

10.00: At the one-hour mark, here are the times so far:

  1. Sebastian Vettel – 1:23.560
  2. Valtteri Bottas – 1:24.654
  3. Daniel Ricciardo – 1:28.712

9.51: It’s Daniel Ricciardo who has stopped on track, on the exit of Turn 3.

9.50: Red flag!

9.48: Vettel now the fastest man on track with a 1:23.560. Already within a second of last year’s fastest time of the day. Ricciardo sets his first lap time of the day as well, 1:28.712.


9.33: Bottas continues to improve his lap times. 1:24.654. Vettel now only a tenth away from the Mercedes.

9.29: Bottas goes and finds another 1.3 seconds on his second consecutive lap. Vettel also improves his time by a similar margin.

9.28: Bottas goes for a second flying lap and drops his time to a 1:26.485. Sebastian Vettel becomes the second driver to set a lap time, 1.5 seconds off the Finn.

9.22: Ricciardo back from his one installation lap. All drivers have now been on the track.


9.16: Ricciardo the only driver to have not hit the track so far this morning. Everyone else has at least done an install lap.

9.07: Bottas with the first lap time on the board, 1:33.445. Early days!

9.04: Haas testing the T-wing this morning. They’re not running the shark fin they had on their launch car yet.

9.04: Bottas and Massa go for flying laps.

9.00: They’re shortly joined by Felipe Massa on track.

9.00: Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen are the first to head out of pit lane for their installation laps.

9.00: Formula One Pre-Season Testing is go!

8.50: Last year the fastest time was from Kimi Raikkonen with a 1:22.765. With the pace improvement of these cars the fastest lap record could tumble pretty soon!


8.36: Current track temperature is 14.4°C. Not expecting teams to be in a great rush to get out there.


08:17: The line-up for the first day of testing is as follows:

  • Mercedes – Valtteri Bottas (AM) & Lewis Hamilton (PM)
  • Red Bull Racing – Daniel Ricciardo
  • Ferrari – Sebastian Vettel
  • Force India – Sergio Perez
  • Williams – Felipe Massa
  • McLaren – Fernando Alonso
  • Toro Rosso – Carlos Sainz
  • Haas – Kevin Magnussen
  • Renault – Nico Hulkenberg
  • Sauber – Marcus Ericsson

08:15: Good morning from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya! We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with all the action on the much-anticipated first day of pre-season testing.


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