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Text updates: Test Day Four

Barcelona Testing – Follow our text updates throughout the fourth and final day of the first pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

18.05: That concludes the first pre-season test in Barcelona. Testing resumes on March 7 for another four days of on-track action.


Raikkonen fastest on wet-to-dry tyre test day


Test Day Four – Results

18.00: That’s it for the first pre-season test. Raikkonen ends the day fastest.

17.53: We’ve got Raikkonen, Grosjean and Perez on track as the test draws to a close.

17.45: Giovinazzi making the most out of the ultrasoft tyres and he goes fourth on a 1:22.401.

17.39: Palmer up into P3 with the aid of soft tyres.


17.37: Raikkonen improves further, 1:20.872.

17.27: A little over half an hour remains in this first pre-season test.

17.16: Slo-mo-Ro-Gro!


17.11: It’s been a very quiet session today but if it ends like it did this morning then it could be quite an exciting finale to the first test.

17.09: Vandoorne with the ultrasoft tyre goes fourth with a 1:22.721, almost 1.5 seconds behind Raikkonen.

17.02: Lap count with an hour remaining:

  1. Grosjean – 90
  2. Raikkonen – 76
  3. Verstappen – 70
  4. Bottas – 68
  5. Giovinazzi – 64
  6. Vandoorne – 56
  7. Perez – 55
  8. Hulkenberg – 51
  9. Palmer – 17
  10. Kvyat – 1
  11. Hamilton – 0
  12. Sainz – 0
  13. Massa – 0

17.00: One hour remains in the first pre-season test at Barcelona.

  1. Raikkonen – 1:21.263
  2. Verstappen – 1:21.839
  3. Perez – 1:22.534
  4. Grosjean – 1:22.739
  5. Vandoorne – 1:23.034
  6. Bottas – 1:23.443
  7. Palmer – 1:24.312
  8. Hulkenberg – 1:24.974
  9. Giovinazzi – 1:25.037
  10. Kvyat – no time
  11. Hamilton – no time
  12. Sainz – no time
  13. Massa – no time

16.58: Raikkonen somehow finds some time in the final sector, even though he was slower in the first two, to go even quicker, 1:21.263 for the Finn.

16.54: Raikkonen goes quickest with a 1:21.324, half a second ahead of Verstappen.


16.33: Verstappen goes fastest on the soft tyre with a 1:21.839, four tenths clear of Raikkonen.

16.26: Perez on the supersofts goes up to second place, three tenths behind Raikkonen.

16.17: Vandoorne, Giovinazzi and Palmer on track at the moment. Palmer managing to put in a handful of laps so far after being kept in the garage for most of the afternoon.

16.00: And the lap count is:

  1. Grosjean – 74
  2. Raikkonen – 62
  3. Verstappen – 57
  4. Giovinazzi – 53
  5. Hulkenberg/Bottas – 51
  6. Vandoorne – 43
  7. Perez – 32
  8. Kvyat – 1
  9. Palmer – 1
  10. Hamilton – 0
  11. Sainz – 0

16.00: Two hours to go for the remainder of the first test. The order is:

  1. Raikkonen – 1:22.305
  2. Grosjean – 1:22.739
  3. Verstappen – 1:22.949
  4. Bottas – 1:23.590
  5. Vandoorne – 1:23.918
  6. Perez – 1:24.893
  7. Hulkenberg – 1:24.974
  8. Giovinazzi – 1:25.037
  9. Kvyat – no time
  10. Hamilton – no time
  11. Palmer – no time
  12. Sainz – no time

15.57: Palmer has made his first appearance on track.

15.48: Bottas on the superofts has improved to a 1:23.590 to go fourth.

15.31: Red Bull reveal they have an exhaust issue which is keeping Verstappen in the garage, same issue that sidelined Ricciardo yesterday afternoon.

15.20: Bottas is on the soft tyre and improving his time. He’s up to fifth with a 1:24.850.

15.15: Bottas is the first man to make an improvement in the afternoon. He wasn’t pushing in the morning, though, so it wasn’t a tall order. He’s down to a 1:34.553 now.

14.45: There hasn’t been a great deal going on. Grosjean, Giovinazzi, Bottas, Raikkonen and Perez have all been out, and most of them are on intermediate tyres, so the ‘full wet tyre’ test hasn’t really lasted long.

14.14: Bottas back on track again.

14.08: Bottas returns to the pits and the track falls silent. Track will probably dry up in no time, it’s even hotter than it was this morning with 34C track temperature.

14.02: Bottas is the first driver out. He managed to complete some install laps after Hamilton pulled out of today’s running.


14.00: The track has been soaked again so more wet tyre running can be completed.

14.00: And we’re green!

13.58: We’re about to go green for the final four hours of the first pre-season test.


Raikkonen fastest on drying track, problems for Mercedes


Test Day Four – Results (Lunchtime)

13.00: Chequered flag is out! Raikkonen fastest from Grosjean and Vandoorne.

12.55: Five minutes to go!

12.50: We’ve just been informed that the circuit will undergo another soaking during the lunch break.

12.46: Looks like Mercedes have fixed the electric issue, allowing Valtteri Bottas to put in an installation lap before the end of the morning session.

12.43: Stoffel Vandoorne briefly holds the top spot on the ultrasofts before Raikkonen beats the McLaren’s time on softs, 1:22.662, 1.6 seconds quicker than Vandoorne.


12.32: Perez takes the top spot now on a 1:24.893 on the soft tyre.

12.29: Lewis Hamilton has confirmed he won’t be taking part in this session, so he is done for the first pre-season test.

12.04: Raikkonen appears to have settled on a 1:25.557. In fact, he pits after that run.

11.58: Raikkonen on soft tyres and chopping the times! He’s down to a 1:25.707 and four seconds clear of Verstappen.

11.33: Verstappen trumps that time by over two seconds! A 1:29.867 is the new target.

11.30: Raikkonen reclaims P1 with a 1:32.026, almost one second faster.

11.24: The Force India leaves the pits for the first time. Perez takes the car out for an installation lap.

11.21: It’s three seconds clear for Grosjean! The Haas sets a 1:32.946 and is easily the fastest time of the day so far.

11.09: Kvyat hasn’t been out since his installation lap. Hopefully Toro Rosso haven’t hit further trouble after a very frustrating day yesterday.

11.07: Some cars heading back to the pits so Giovinazzi has the track to himself at the moment.

11.00: And the lap count is:

  1. Verstappen – 27
  2. Raikkonen – 22
  3. Grosjean – 20
  4. Giovinazzi – 19
  5. Hulkenberg/Vandoorne – 18
  6. Kvyat – 1
  7. Hamilton – 0
  8. Perez – 0

11.00: We’re at the two-hour mark, the running order is:

  1. Raikkonen – 1:36.041
  2. Grosjean – 1:36.310
  3. Giovinazzi – 1:37.439
  4. Hulkenberg – 1:38.107
  5. Verstappen – 1:38.148
  6. Vandoorne – :41.826
  7. Kvyat – no time
  8. Hamilton – no time
  9. Perez – no time

10.50: Raikkonen finds another six tenths of a second, 1:36.041 for the Ferrari driver.

10.49: Antonio’s five minutes of fame over very quickly as Raikkonen betters the Italian’s time by nine tenths of a second.

10.48: Giovinazzi goes top with a 1:37.439.

10.46: Approaching the two-hour mark and we still have no sign

10.37: Hulkenberg takes over at the front with 1:38.107.

10.34: And Grosjean now third, 1.5 seconds off with his first intermediate lap of the day.

10.33: Hulkenberg and Grosjean venture out on the intermediates, Hulkenberg goes second eight tenths off Verstappen.

10.26: Once again the track falls silent.

10.20: Verstappen gets back onto the intermediate tyre and goes 2.5 seconds quicker than Raikkonen. Looks like we found the crossover point.

10.15: A period of silence on the track but it’s broken by Raikkonen who heads onto the circuit.

10.11: Mercedes may have just shown that they might not be perfect after all! They’re currently investigsting an electrical fault which is why they haven’t been out yet.


10.03: Renault calling it like it is, track does seem to be drying out very quickly. It’s doubtful the teams are happy losing one of only eight pre-season test days to a wet weather test.


10.00: An hour in, here’s the running order:

  1. Verstappen – 1:40.357
  2. Raikkonne – 1:40.803
  3. Hulkenberg – 1:40.961
  4. Vandoorne – 1:41.826
  5. Grosjean – 1:42.842
  6. Giovinazzi – 1:42.940
  7. Kvyat – no time
  8. Hamilton – no time
  9. Perez – no time
  10. Kvyat – no time


9.52: Verstappen still up to, from Raikkonen now and Vandoorne who has done the most mileage so far today with 16 laps.

9.41: Verstappen goes back up to first place having gone back to the wet tyre.

9.39: We’re yet to see Hamilton or Perez on the track yet.

9.33: Grosjean has put in a lap as Giovinazzi and Vandoorne improve their times. Raikkonen was fourth after his first flying lap but now goes quickest on a 1:41.598 on the wet tyre.

9.27: Veerstappen already onto the intermediate tyre, Vandoorne has just joined him after a quick pit stop. Could be onto slicks very soon.

9.22: Vandoorne and Giovinazzi put their first lap times in, 1:44.262 for the McLaren and 1:46.415 for the Sauber.

9.17: Verstappen down to a 1:41.706. Install laps from Vandoorne, Raikkonen, Giovinazzi, Kvyat and Hulkenberg have been completed.


Williams not to run on Thursday due to chassis damage

9.05: Verstappen with the first lap time on the board, 1:45.735. Vandoorne has put in an installation lap with Raikkonen heading out as well.

9.00: Green flag for the final day of the first pre-season test.

8.57: Bad news for Williams already as damage to the Fw40 means they won’t be running today, although they hope to have a second chassis ready for the afternoon session.

8.52: We’re less than ten minutes away from the green flag.



8.41: Your driver line-up for the day is:

Mercedes – Hamilton/Bottas

Red Bull – Verstappen

Ferrari – Raikkonen

Force India – Perez

Williams – Stroll

McLaren – Vandoorne

Toro Rosso – Kvyat/Sainz

Haas – Grosjean

Renault – Hulkenberg/Palmer

Sauber – Giovinazzi

8.40: Morning everybody and welcome to the final day of the first pre-season test. We have a soaked track for some wet weather tyre testing today.


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