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Leclerc: Not as bad as the championship looks

Barcelona, Spain

Spanish Grand Prix – Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc says that the team remain extremely positive despite their lacklustre start to 2019.

Ferrari arrive in Barcelona with more updates to their aerodynamic package, as well as a new specification power unit that they hope will improve power and reliability.

Having suffered four straight defeats to Mercedes, they are a somewhat challenging 74 points behind their rivals as the European leg of this year’s championship begins, but the Monegasque driver says that this isn’t truly reflective of Ferrari’s performance level: “We need to be very united, and that is the state of mind within the team at the moment. It’s very positive, and the performance side…there’s more to come. It’s not as bad as the championship looks and we’ll have more opportunities. I made a mistake [in Baku], and I had an issue that cost us a better result [Bahrain]. The confidence is there, and we just have to get the occasion to use our full potential.”

“[The upgrades] should be an improvement, and I trust the team that it will be better. I don’t know how much by.”

“We are working very hard to make the car as good as possible in all conditions, and that’s not easy. We brought stuff that should make the car a bit quicker this weekend, although we don’t know by how much. We’ll do as good a job as possible, and see where we are.”

“The weakness for us at the moment is that we need to try to understand the car a bit more and figure out how to run it in optimal conditions and keep it there as much as possible.”

Asked about whether he felt Ferrari had lost performance compared to Mercedes since pre-season testing at the same circuit, he said that he thought suggestions of the Scuderia’s superiority were wide of the mark anyway:

“Well, it’s not fair to say that we were far ahead after testing, as we don’t know how much Mercedes pushed, even on the last day. Hopefully the improvements we’ve brought here will be a step forward and then we’ll see for the rest of the season. Barcelona is usually pretty representative of the competitiveness of a car so hopefully we’re strong here.”

“We are here to win, and that is what we want to do, and we’re doing everything possible to try and improve.”


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