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Raikkonen ‘fairly optimistic’ about Ferrari form turnaround for Monaco

Monaco Grand Prix – Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen says he thinks the change of circuit type and tyre compounds will play into his team’s hands for Monte Carlo.

While Ferrari got an absolute drubbing on the high speed sweeps of Catalunya last weekend, the team head to Monaco with much more confidence. Heavy braking, traction zones and low speed nimbleness are all traits that play more to their car’s strengths, combined with the use of the softest available Pirelli compounds, including the debut of the HyperSoft tyres.

Speaking to, Kimi Raikkonen said he thinks that they may be able to turn things around and reproduce a weekend like last year, where Ferrari walked away with a 1-2 finish:  “We got a fair beating [in Spain], but we are changing so many things going to Monaco: the track, the tyres … it might be that we may be able to turn it around.

“But even if we do great in Monaco we must not forget what happened today and this weekend. There is still a lot of work to do. It’s nice to win by an inch, but I would still want to win by two or more than that. That’s what we are working for the whole year.

“But going to Monaco I am fairly optimistic and we should be in a good shape. But then you need to see when you get there because the tyres are significantly softer, the track is unique so we will see. Hopefully it’s a nice surprise.”

Raikkonen retired from the race in Spain, due to an electrical harness issue in his engine that, fortunately for the Finn, didn’t damage the engine. Having suffered a premature power unit failure in Friday practice, Raikkonen is already at a disadvantage for parts for the year, and will probably take penalties later in the season as a result. In terms of pace, the Finn questioned whether it was just a case of the Spanish circuit suiting the Mercedes W09:

“It’s been pretty close so far (this season), but in Barcelona they seemed to have the upper hand.

“In the race I don’t think it looked as bad as it looks now. For sure they were strong here, but was it from the circuit or is it something else?

“We’ll figure it out, obviously, in the upcoming races. We shall see how it pans out.”



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