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Wolff confident that FIA are on top of possible Ferrari power unit loophole

Rumours of FIA monitoring of Ferrari's SF71-H bubble over in Monaco

Monaco Grand Prix – Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says he has full confidence that the FIA are fully aware of the layout of Ferrari’s power unit components, as rumours surrounding the Scuderia continue.

The suggestion in Monaco is that Ferrari have discovered a loophole regarding the way energy is deployed from the Energy Store component of the power unit; utilising the packaging in such a way that more than the permitted 4mJ is deployed when desired.

To combat this, the FIA have apparently installed hardware on the Ferrari this weekend in order to measure the output of the car’s power components; this is after Mercedes & Red Bull asked the FIA for clarity on the issue.

Speaking at the press conference on Thursday, Toto Wolff said that the request for clarity was nothing unusual and that he’s sure the FIA are keeping on top of the situation: “We have legality topics come up regularly. Some are more controversial but it’s the daily business of the FIA to check what the teams do. It is the obligation of the teams to comply with the regulations and this is an ongoing process.

I have great confidence with whatever issues are coming up, be it on the engine or the chassis, the FIA has been on top of it a lot. And as far as I understand this is a process that’s taking place as we speak and we will see what the outcome is.”

Red Bull boss Christian Horner was also asked about his team’s participation in the FIA request, and he said that only the FIA themselves can really answer questions regarding the legalities of another car:

“We’re not an engine supplier, so maybe Toto can answer more on the engine specifics but there have obviously been some rumours that no doubt you guys are cottoning onto as well. I’m sure that the FIA have all the competence to be able to able to measure, administer and look at the car that’s presented for scrutineering and during a grand prix weekend, and of course it’s the team’s obligation to ensure that that happens. I think the FIA are probably the best people to point that question at.”

The way Ferrari have discovered a way to unlock more power is, apparently, a loophole, rather than a flagrant breach of the rules, should they be found to be doing so.


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