Heidfeld seeks fairer fan-engaging alternative to FanBoost

New York ePrix – Nick Heidfeld says he wants a alternative to FanBoost to be introduced, labelling the concept unfair.

The idea of FanBoost was initially criticised for this very reason, and has been seen as somewhat of a gimmick to a lot of fans but has since become a popular fan-engaging feature of the series.

I don’t like FanBoost, but you have to try to work for it,” he said, “I don’t like that it’s unfair.

“I like that you get fans involved but for me it should still be more a sport than a show, and it’s not a level playing field if some people have more power than others.”

Lucas di Grassi suggested in Monaco that everyone should get FanBoost, but for various lengths of time as voted for by the fans. But Heidfeld does not see this as the solution:

“That would still mean that it’s different for each driver. I just don’t like the idea of differences. We already have difference between the teams, obviously, but that is normal for motorsport, you do the best you can.”

Towards the end of last season there were claims that teams were using bots to vote for their drivers. Heidfeld alluded to recent odd FanBoost results

“I very much doubt that the FanBoost we see is happening with normal fans. I think if you try to analyse it a bit, sometimes the numbers are a bit strange.

“So this is why, for most of the time, I don’t try to push it anymore because you don’t really have a chance with normal ways. I tried to do it for my home ePrix but it didn’t work.”

Heidfeld admitted, however, that he does not possess the answer to what could replace FanBoost as something that would engage the fans but not interfere in the racing.

“I would get rid of FanBoost but I would try to find something else to get the fans involved. I don’t have the magic solution.”

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