Evans believes GP2 experience helped Formula E campaign

Jaguar Racing driver Mitch Evans believes his GP2 experience has assisted in his early Formula E success after two seasons in the series.

Evans competed in the Formula 1 feeder series for four years before making the switch to Formula E to join Jaguar in its debut season, which he believes has contributed to his strong performances in the all-electric series.

“With GP2 the format is very vicious. You get one practice, straight into quali and the tyres last one lap, you’ve got to be on it so quick, there’s no catching up,” Evans told Formula Spy in Zurich.

“If you see the shakedown results, free practice results I’m always there straightaway and I think that’s come from that experience. I was in there for four years so you just get into that routine of going out there and utilising the time you’ve got out on track.

“Obviously GP2 is mega competitive, I was never really in a position to win a championship. I got close, got fourth one year, but I was up against it a bit but was able to really hustle and get some good results out of it.

“I think that mentality has definitely come into this because all these guys are capable of winning and it can change so quick.”

Evans out-classed his fellow rookie team-mate Adam Carroll in season three, and beat the inaugural Formula E champion Nelson Piquet Jr. in the standings in the 2017/18 season.

“Last year we had Adam who’s a highly rated driver, obviously I out-performed him last year but it’s a unique championship. You can be a very quick driver but if you don’t really adapt to the situation or be quite versatile or flexible on the go it can be very vicious championship,” Evans added.

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Nelson coming onboard, I knew he’d very strong but it’s hard to know if he’s just going to completely blow you out of the water.

“I was pretty confident I’d be able to match him but you never know. I think with the results I’m pretty happy with how I’ve compared against him.”

Piquet said he has not adapted well to the second-generation Michelin tyre, introduced ahead of the 2016/17 season, and is “for sure” looking forward to the softer compound being worked on for next season.

“I’ve been struggling a bit with the set-up for qualifying and managing the tyres so we have to work on that a bit,” he said.

“Since last year these new tyres that Michelin introduced were a style that I really didn’t like. The season one and two tyres I qualified much better with and I understood them much better, and these ones I’ve been struggling much more to find the limit on.”

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Chris Stevens

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