FIA announce invitations to tender for the Gen 3 car

The FIA announced this week that they have launched invitations to tender for seasons 9 to 11 of the FIA Formula E World Championship.

The three tenders are for battery, chassis including front powertrain, and tyres as the FIA and Formula E aim for a lighter, more agile car with a higher performance level than the current Gen 2 car.

The target for the Gen 3 car is to cut the weight by 120kg, bring the length back down to 5000mm (like the Gen 1), and create a slimmer but taller car than we’ve seen in the championship so far.

For the battery, which is to be just over 100 kg lighter and deliver a maximum of 350kW. The aim is to “elevate the current car’s battery technology through improved energy density, life cycle, power capability and durability”.

The specification also goes on to say “the capabilities of “fast” charging will be addressed within the framework of the race“. So from 2022 we might just see the return of pit stops for quick boosts during the race.

The chassis tender is looking to improve the aero efficiency and “reduce the overall dimensions and the total weight to better adapt to the specificities of the championship within urban environments”.

The final tender is for “all-weather tyres for motorsport use and allow for lowest rolling resistance, less tyre wear and optimum handling of the car in all weather conditions”.

Tenders are open until March 31st 2020 and the final selection will be announced on June 19th.

Manufacturer cars are to be delivered to the teams in January 2022 before the completed race cars arrive in August that year.

The full Gen 3 tender documents can be found at:

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