In Pictures – Gen2 Panasonic Jaguar Racing I-Type 3 Formula E Car

Formula E – Jaguar have taken the covers off their second generation Formula E car, the I-Type 3, at a press event in London.

For its third incarnation, the car has a bespoke powertrain that for the first time has been built fully ‘in-house’ as opposed to using technical partners to supply parts.

“Panasonic Jaguar Racing have made great progress during our short time in Formula E,” said Team Principal James Barclay.

“We expect that the introduction of the new Generation 2 Formula E racecar and revised sporting regulations will result in a very close season of racing. It effectively means that all teams started from the same point and at the same time.

“We believe we are the first team to develop our powertrain entirely in-house, this gives us ultimate control in terms of design and development and hope this will put us at a competitive advantage.

“The technology is moving at an incredibly fast rate, and the new Generation 2 car will be an important test bed to help develop and drive performance of our future battery electric vehicles.”

Jaguar Racing launch their new Formula E car – full launch story & report.

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