Mercedes announce Formula E entry for Season 6

Mercedes have formally announced that it will be leaving DTM at the end of 2018 to focus on a new venture into Formula E for Season 6.

The current Formula One world champions took up an option to enter the all-electric series for Season 5, which will be the first year without mid-race car swaps, back in October.

“In motorsport like in every other area, we want to be the benchmark in the premium segment and to explore innovative new projects,” said Toto Wolff.

“The combination of Formula 1 and Formula E delivers that. Formula E is like an exciting start-up venture: it offers a brand new format, combining racing with a strong event character, in order to promote current and future technologies.

“Electrification is happening in the road car world and Formula E offers manufacturers an interesting platform to bring this technology to a new audience – and to do so with a completely new kind of racing, different to any other series.”

Mercedes motorsport partner HWA has been lined up for a Season 5 entry using a powertrain from fellow ZF Group partner Venturi.

Current Venturi and Mercedes DTM driver Maro Engel could also be aligned with the HWA entrant.

“Today is a great day as we welcome Mercedes to the Formula E family – adding to the increasing number of manufacturers joining the electric revolution,” said Alejandro Agag.

“This step shows how much the world is changing, not only in motorsport, but the whole automotive industry. We’re witnessing a transformation that will first change our cities, and then our roads.

“Formula E is the championship that embodies that change, and together with all our teams and manufacturers we’ll keep pushing for technologies to have better and more affordable electric cars.” 

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Chris Stevens

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