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Vergne changes tune on D’Ambrosio Mexico clash

Monaco ePrix – Jean-Eric Vergne says there is no tension between himself and Jerome D’Ambrosio following their clash in Mexico.

An early pit stop for D’Ambrosio meant he was second ahead of Vergne during the Mexico ePrix, but would have to conserve a lot more energy than his rivals to make it to the end of the race.

Vergne struggled to pass the Dragon racer, with multiple close calls between them, including minor contact. He described D’Ambrosio’s driving as a “joke” on team radio and said that he “ruined” his race.

It has come to light, however, that D’Ambrosio had a software glitch which gave him the wrong count lap; he thought the race had ended when there was still a lap to go.

With this in mind, Vergne changed his tune in regards to D’Ambrosio’s defensive driving:

“I was not aware that his lap count was wrong. If I would have been in his position knowing that the race would have been one lap shorter I think what he did was a great race, actually,” he said.

“But considering there was one lap more if he would have saved more energy he would have finished in the points. That’s what I was thinking during the race.

“Things like this can happen. I don’t think there are any more worries about it.”


Chris Stevens

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