We currently have no internal vacancies at the moment.

Want to write for us?

Have you always wanted to write about Formula 1 or Formula E but never got around to it?

Well, now you can! We’re looking for racing enthusiasts who would like to write about Formula 1 or Formula E on FormulaSpy.

We are FIA accredited and are attending several races this year.

You don’t have to have any previous experience, just a passion for your favorite motorsport!

So how do you go about this?
Well firstly let’s talk about what we are looking for:

Original Content – your article will not have been published anywhere else.

Not Straight Reporting – there are many organizations that report on practice, qualifying and the races themselves very quickly and in-depth. What is of far more interest is an article or articles that go behind the headlines. You could look at a current trend or why something specific is happening. It could be that you look back at something in the past. You will need to back it up with some evidence as well.

Do you have a talent for design? Could you produce infographics for example or perhaps cartoons or indeed anything else which is design orientated?

Do you compile statistics about the races? Can you interpret the information in new or interesting ways?

How long do these articles need to be?
We are really looking for between 300 and 750 words. It could be less than 300 – you can always ask us. If you have something large, it can always be split into several articles as long as it retains its flow.

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