Da Costa expecting Hong Kong to be “one of the most challenging” FE races

BMW Andretti’s Antonio Felix da Costa expects the Hong Kong Formula E race to be “one of the most challenging” of his career.

Formula E will celebrate its 50th race this weekend and will mark the first proper street circuit of the 2018/19 season. The Ad Diriyah and Santiago tracks were prepared with temporary asphalt while the Marrakesh and Mexico City venues both used permanent race facilities.

By contrast the Hong Kong circuit is held on the streets proper, with several surface changes and painted lines which have caught the eye of the drivers as rain is also forecast for Sunday’s race.

“This is the first proper Formula E race of the year as we know it,” da Costa said.

“It’s a proper street track with five or six different types of tarmac on the track, a lot of painted white lines. Adding to that it’s also wet so it’s probably going to be one of the most challenging days in Formula E over the last five seasons.

“I do like it, the bigger the challenge the better for me I think.”

BMW must stop “win it or bin it” streak

The Ad Diriyah race winner added that he and his BMW team must start being consistent if they are to mount a title change.

Since winning the opening race, da Costa scored no points in Marrakesh and Santiago but a podium in Mexico City hauled him back up to second in the drivers’ championship.

“What I wanted from Mexico, because we either win it or bin it and it cannot be that way,” he said.

“So all I wanted was just to finish in a decent place and start to build up momentum for ourselves.

“When I was behind Sebastien [Buemi] I was telling my guys I’m just going to stay here and pick up the pieces if something happens.

“We were a bit lucky in Mexico, but for once so I’ll take it.”

Chris Stevens

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